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anastasia ashley bikini modeling picture on cover of met rx magazine Getting your bikini and swimsuit model photos published in magazines and featured on websites can be very difficult as a professional model starting out in the first couple years of her career. There is so much competition and other models trying to do the same exact thing. Tear sheets are one of the most important tools to have in your model portfolio. Nowadays any pretty girl can go onto sites like Model Mayhem and find amateur photographers to take some pictures of them. The end result is a new model has a lot of bikini pictures but she still has never been hired by companies or published in any magazines. Getting published in magazines or on websites and adding that to your portfolio shows potential employers that you are serious about your career and are professional.
Contests like the Maxim Hometown Hotties are great in concept but thousands upon thousands of girls submit images and it really comes down to how much social media marketing you do and how much traffic you drive to Maxim’s website. That is why they run those contests. The models in the contest become the marketing tools for the media company. The models are the one’s posting online for people to go to the contest website and vote for them. If you are absolutely dedicated and a hot model, yes, you will probably reach the semi-finals. But ultimately the pages of those magazines like Maxim and FHM International are reserved for established hot celebrities or up and coming celebrities who are doing their first sexy magazine layout. maxim magazine hometown hotties contest and hot girls
bikini girl pictures and swimwear model photos online by zoo weekly online The best thing a new model can do is to find as many local men’s magazines, action sport magazines, or online websites for men and then submit to those media companies. Chances are better you will get your images published. They will help greatly to give you local exposure in those regions. Most importantly you may be able to have those smaller bikini media companies post inbound links to the website you book jobs from, helping your Search Engine Optimization. If you have all your social media in order like Facebook, Twitter, etc… You will begin to build a following of fans who then Google Search your name and look for more of your images.
The other option is to partner with an established bikini or glam model photographer in your area who is consistently getting published and already has the established connections. And YES, you should pay them for their time. Photo shoots and editing are a very timely process that takes hours upon hours of work. There is a big difference between the “Guys With Cameras” which you will find all over Model Mayhem and actual working professional, commercial photographers who are getting their work published. Remember hiring a professional photographer who is extremely experienced is an Investment in your career. You are paying them for their time and experience to help you further your career and get more exposure. Many times those professional model photographers will also be able to connect you with paying jobs. Through the years many of the models that have hired me for modeling portfolios or to try and get published, I have in turn found them promotional modeling jobs, set up interviews with agencies, or got them catalog work. The reason being is that many times companies that need models will reach out to professional model photographers looking for recommendations on models. how to get tear sheets for your modeling portfolio and career

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